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The Bundesrealgymnasium BRG Wallererstrasse

BRG Wallererstrasse website

The Bundesrealgymnasium BRG Wallererstrasse is an Upper Austrian secondary school with 538 pupils and 58 teachers.

It was founded more than 35 years ago. As a secondary higher school all academic subjects such as mathematics, philosophy, religion,German, English, history, geography, Latin, French, arts, music, physics, chemistry and  information technology are taught. Furthermore we offer a special branch with an emphasis on sports. Due to the many sporting facilities, we attach importance to a wide range of movement and the optimal development of pupils’(sports) personality.

This includes consistency and stamina in all (sporting) life

 (Sporting) fairness in dealing with each other, estimating benefits (competitions), team spirit and social cooperation and conflict, raising environmental and health awareness, developing  a positive self-concept

The school is respected for its quality in education, strengthening human resources skills such as self-confidence, self-knowledge and self-awareness, which are carried out by different methods of teaching, additional services and international projects.

We support and promote all students with their different talents, abilities and talents.

There are courses offered which promote gifted and excellent pupils. Everyone has the right to develop his/her  gifts and talents.

As a UNESCO school we provide openness in various directions, particularly in our educational attitude. This includes

     Application of new knowledge in the teaching and learning process

     Courage to conceive error as an opportunity and need for further development

     Mediation of openness and the ability to peaceful coexistence

     Cultural diversity as enrichment of life

     Solidarity with people who need our help

     Openness to diverse forms of creativity (music, literature, art, ...)

     Collaboration with other educational establishments and institutions

     Cooperation with regional and international partners in and outside the school area

Our pupils come from Wels and regional parts surrounding the city. Most are Austrian citizens, a small number are pupils from other nationalities. Most students are from middle class background, some from richer families, a few are economically disadvantaged students.

Teachers organize educational excursions and offer a theater club as afternoon activity. The school has its own school orchestra and a lot of different sport teams.

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