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Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule Langenselbold

Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule Langenselbold website

Kaethe Kollwitz school is a school in Hessen near Frankfurt (Main) with 780 pupils, about 10 % of whom have a migration background , which is a comparatively low figure within our region.

We have to add to this figure a group of refugees coming from different countries. Their number increases steadily. Those students don’t speak German and take part in special integration part-time courses in which they learn the language and get help to get their school life organized. They attend normal classes for the rest of the time, which enables them to have contacts to German students and practice the language.

Roughly 60% of the pupils come from single parent families with low budgets, which means that a lot of them spend their afternoons alone at home. The day school concept of Kaethe Kollwitz School offers an opportunity to be active in different kinds of clubs but still not enough pupils are ready to spend their free time at school or in local sports associations.

A few students with educational needs and disabilities attend inclusion classes. They become the assistance and practical support of a specialist teacher or other professionals inside the classroom, during class lessons and, if necessary, outside classroom teaching. Teachers and other students have to learn to live close to them and to accept them.

There are exchange programmes with the US and France, but these are restricted to a small group of pupils being able to afford to travel to the US or to learn French.

Langenselbold is situated at a distance of approximately 30 km from Frankfurt, many of the region's inhabitants work in Frankfurt. A great number of international companies are employers in Frankfurt. To work with these as well as at the airport, people need to master the English language to a certain degree. Also the ability to work within multinational teams is requested. Participating in multinational projects has proved to be a good preparation for these requirements.

The Kaethe-Kollwitz School has been successfully involved in different Comenius projects as well as in exchange programs with France and the US. 
The Physical Education department organizes different sports projects within the school to encourage the pupils to practise more physical activities and to improve humanism values and team spirit. Their experience will be very helpful to organize activities for the project.
Social workers also play an important role concerning team spirit. They offer special workshops for classes, develop solutions with students in case of problems or fights between them. They are also strongly involved in the work with refugees.
The team of teachers working on the Erasmus+ project will be composed of teachers for foreign languages , IT and physical education, teachers of art and music and social workers. The cooperation between teachers coming from different departments of the school has already proved to be successful in previous Comenius or exchange projects, they benefit from the experience of the colleagues having taken part in multinational or exchange programmes and get to know new ways of teaching.
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