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AE José Sanches e São Vicente da Beira

AE José Sanches e São Vicente da Beira website:

Our school is located near Spain, in the village of Alcains in the city of Castelo Branco. It has 1270 students from kinder garden to secondary school (high school). It has a lot of projects/activities for all the students, aiming to improve our students’ experiences, including sports (swimming, chess, football, basketball, adventure in the nature, mountain bike etc), Europeans club, eco school, theatre, etc. We have different  curricular offers including music, tourism, informatics, science, literature, sports and others. In our school we have all kind of resources to help classes and the activities that we have, for example: library, gym, science laboratories, informatics laboratories, theatre, music room, arts room, bar, canteen etc. We aim to prepare students for life in an increasingly globalized world, by improving language skills, in particular English, and increasing the utilization of the new and communicating technologies, which we try to integrate in the educational process. We also aim to achieve an international focus, by encouraging learning about cultural diversity and this way, expect to have the necessary tools to exist in the contemporary world.

The School has developed and implemented since 2009 Comenius projects, financed by the EU and covering various topics related to conflicts resolution, people’s mobility in Europe and dropout prevention through practice sports. These projects covered the students of different educational levels. Two projects were implemented and one is in progress. The success is proven by the intermediate and final evaluations made, not only by the National Agency as by the internal structures, who assessed their impact on the school’s life in the following areas: reducing the dropout and absenteeism; improving literacy in English in the school community; reducing the number of conflict situations; improvement of interdisciplinary work; positive developments in the way the community sees the school as evidenced by the increasing partnerships established with agents external to the school; progressive increase in the number of students and parents in extra-curricular activities. During these projects, ties were established with several partners in other countries. Our school Europeans club and Eco school club has experience in various student centered projects to increase respect for the environment and European citizenship development. There are 3 people in the project management team. All of them are very experienced in coordinating project work because of the previous project works too. One of the key person in the team is also a researcher in student centered teaching methodology,other teacher is active in sport events and positive motivation techniques and fair play strategy development.

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