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I.I.S.S. "Carlo Maria Carafa" Mazzarino

I.I.S.S. "Carlo Maria Carafa" Mazzarino website:

I.I.S.S. “Carlo Maria Carafa” is a big state educational institute that includes two schools located in two small towns Mazzarino and Riesi. These towns are in the southern part of Sicily, 30 kilometers far from the Mediterranean coast.  There are 6 different types of courses.

1 vocational Hotel and Restaurant Management School course in Riesi that started only 3 years ago. The other courses are: Liceo Classico whose main subjects are classical such as Latin and ancient Greek, History and Philosophy; Liceo Scientifico (Maths, Sciences) Liceo Scienze Umane (Social Sciences); AFM that is the acronym  for Administration Finance Marketing; CAT stands for Construction Environment Territory. Further, next year  the principal will  take over another vocational school concerning subjects for agriculture which is located in Mazzarino too. There are a lot of facilities, particularly in Mazzarino where there are 1 gym, 3 IT labs, 2 language labs, 1 chemistry and 1 Physics labs and 1 Topography lab. In Riesi there are 2 IT labs, 1 Chemistry and Physics lab, obviously there is a kitchen and a bar to learn cooking. Common subjects for all courses are: Italian, History, Maths, and English. Students are involved in most decisions concerning them. In every classroom there is an interactive board linked on the Internet. More than 1000 students attend the school. About a hundred commute from another small town called Butera. Mazzarino and Butera are rich in historical buildings and there is a small museum too. For some years the local town administration has tried to include Mazzarino in the Noto Valley “that is already a site of Mankind Heritage. The foreign teachers, that came because of other Erasmus+ projects, enjoyed visiting Mazzarino and other sights nearby.The main economic activity is  agriculture.

ISS”C.M.Carafa school has stated its Mission by conceiving the school as an establishment which  pursues an educational and training system that meets the needs of the future citizens not only in the territory in which it operates. The main aims are:


educational and cultural growth

professional integration of young people;

development of their independent judgment;

ability in taking  one’s own responsibility;

implementing actions required by the educational needs of the people and the territory;

implementing the social dimension of the school;

promoting social and emotional education;

encouraging European projects ;

o developing   citizenship awareness;

Increasing the quality of processes and results.


In spite of this declaration stated in the school programme, not all courses succeed in pursuing and achieving these goals. The students attending Liceo Classico are good but we have trouble everyday with students in the course for surveyors. They are nearly all boys and many of them interrupt their studies after the second year when school isn’t compulsory. So we need to develop our competence as teachers to cope with this kind of pupils.

So far the school is experimenting a positive process with the 2 black boys refugees from Africa that attend lessons regularly. Further the Italian school system provides specialized teachers for pupils with special needs and in our school there are many teachers with this skill.

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