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Second English Language School "Thomas Jefferson"

The Second English language school is a high school offering advanced learning of languages, especially English as a foreign language and a scope of several subjects in English-physics, history, philosophy, biology and chemistry. It comprises around 1000 students aged 14-18. What we aim  at is cultivating young leaders having a wide range of competences. That is why we do our best to engage the students not only in creative participation during the classes, but also during the extracurricular activities which are plenty as a context and sphere of performance. Our students are motivated young learners who have a clear vision for their future and strive to be competitive enough in the long term to meet the needs of the society they live in. Conviction of teachers and students from Second English Language School is that foreign languages eliminate many barriers between people, allowing them to communicate, work together to increase their mobility and that each language is a tool for new opportunities, new friends around the world to get acquainted with other cultures and of showing that language skills and increase self-confidence are prerequisites for a successful career. The main priority in the daily work of teachers of high school is the formation of knowledge and skills for active interaction with the social environment and realization in a market economy by:
- mastering the fundamentals and laws of human knowledge;
• absorption and formation of universal and national values, virtues and culture;
• development of individuality and stimulate creativity;
• spiritual, physical and social development and a healthy lifestyle;
• building a free, moral and enterprising personality;
• promoting foreign language learning;
• explore the culture of the EU
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